Month: November 2009

We are One – Manchester 2009

We are One in ChristOn 28th November 2009 Christians from all over Manchester again gathered first in Salford Cathedral (Roman Catholic) for Worship and Prayer, then hundreds of people walked in a great procession from Salford Cathedral thought the centre of Manchester to Manchester Cathedral (Anglican) for another service to celebrate our unity in Jesus Christ, and to recommit ourselves to praying and working together for God’s Kingdom in Manchester.

We are One - Manchester's walk of Christian witness

All the main seated area at Salford Cathedral was full and all the contributors to the service presented really well. The Lord gave us a rain-free moming and many people on the walk said that it was something very special and lively with many joining in the singing and banner waving etc. The banners, flags, placards and whistles and smiles and lightness of steps made a great witness causing many to ask about, who we were?  To answer this we handed out postcards saying “The people you see walking today are from different nations and from all of the main denominations of the Christian Faith. They have come together as One to share the Christian Gospel, the good news, that ‘God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ You will be most welcome in any church in Greater Manchester this Christmas or indeed at any time” and pointing people to the web-sites:   and 

We were led into Manchester Cathedral by the Dean and Bishop to the sound of the Shofa. Then Paul and the Heartnotes band lead the worship beautifully and Dennis Wrigley encouraged us as he witnessed to the unity being sought and expressed around the world – Let it be Lord.   Many praised the footwork and dance moves of the bishops and possessors as they left the Cathedral ‘Marching in the light of God’.

More photos and details to follow.