We are One – Manchester 2000

We are One in ChristOn 22nd January 2000 Christians from all over Manchester gathered first in Salford Cathedral (Roman Catholic) for Worship and Prayer, then hundreds of people walked in a great procession from Salford Cathedral thought the centre of Manchester, stopping for open-air praise of God where John Wesley (founder of the Methodist movement) preached, and on to Manchester Cathedral (Anglican) for another service to celebrate our unity in Jesus Christ.

Please watch this 6 minute video summary of that wonderful day in 2000 when regardless of our traditions and denominations, we were One in Christ.

In January 2000 there was an enormous and enthusiastic response to the services at Salford and Manchester Cathedrals, the walk of witness through the streets, and the open air service near Deansgate.  The many hundreds who participated were tangible evidence of a very substantial commitment to unity and renewal of faith amongst Christians in the North West of England.

Countless people said that this event marked the beginning of a whole new development in the life of the Church in this region.  On that day we were truly one in Christ.  We prayed and praised as one.  We were seen to be one.  Christian leaders from all denominations led a winding procession behind a simple wooden cross.  There were just two large banners.  The first proclaimed ‘One Lord – JESUS’ and the second ‘Christians Together – WE ARE ONE’.  The message was simple and direct.

A considerable number of participants said “We have been praying and waiting for this to happen for years”.   In the crowded Cathedrals, where many had to stand, it was repeatedly said “Things can never be the same again”.  “We urgently need to come together to witness like this to our common faith”.

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  1. I took part in the event in Jan 2000, playing in the music group in Manchester Cathedral, and I am looking forward to being a part of this great witness in November this year. I am hoping to pursade many people from my church to come too.

  2. The film of the Walk of Witness in 2000 encourages many to get into Salford for the Walk in 2009.

  3. I will be walking in November, it will be a wonderful opportunity to declare our common faith in Jesus Christ and I hope it will be an encouragement to all Christians in the city

  4. Salford University Chaplaincy will be joining the Walk as part of our committment to Christian Unity. At a time when Christians can appear to be divided, we can witness to our underlying unity in Christ.

  5. Christian Unity is based on holding to Biblical Truths about Jesus Christ and his way of Salvation… NOT as in the case of many of these Churches in ‘traditions and invented doctrinal errors and heresies’- Jesus is coming for a church ‘without spot, wrinkle or blemish’- Please don’t fool yourselves that this walk is TRUE Christian Unity… It is not… Most will just be enjoying a ‘day out’ which will be emotionally satisfying but not a ‘lead of the Spirit of God’ event… It is an event based on the desires of men… sorry to have to say these things but my conscience will not let me say any less.

    1. Whilst we hope that amongst other things this will be an enjoyable day out, and we recognise that simply by walking, worshiping and praying together we will not bring about true Christian unity, nevertheless Christian unity is something Christ himself prayer for, and so we will be using this day to join with Him in praying for this. In terms of public witness: what already unites Christians is greater than what divides us, though the world does not usually see this and so our apparent disunity becomes a stumbling block to the gospel. So this event will be an opportunity for Christians to show to the city of Manchester that we are here, we are united in our simple proclamation that “Jesus is Lord” and that the Gospel is relevant to today, probably more so than ever given the state of our increasingly Godless nation.

      Readers may be interested in this document Christians Standing Together which outlines the non-negotiable truths of the Gospel proclaimed by Christians of all traditions, published by The Maranatha Community.

      Charles Parker (part of the We are One organising team).

    2. Is not Steve really saying that he believes there is no salvation outside his own denomination?

      Seriously, though, I would refer Steve to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 818 which states, “All who have been justified by faith in Baptism are incorporated into Christ; they therefore have a right to be called Christians, and with good reason are accepted as brothers of the Lord by the children of the Catholic Church.” There are many similar statements, but I suggest that you obtain a copy of the Caterchism and read from paragraph 813 till paragraph 848.

      Incidentally, the phrase “no salvation outside the Church” comes from the very earliest Christian times and owes nothing to do with denominations (there were none) but an affirmation that Jesus is the one Lord and Saviour.

      I feel the pain of our separation and wish to reach out to anyone who wants to discover the love that God has for each of us, no conditions, just as Jesus came to save the whole of mankind. I pray that the walk in Salford and Manchester will be a huge and enjoyable success.

      Frank Robinsson

  6. Sorry to not be with you on walk; am currently in Australia/Singapore and not back until 3rdDec. Will be walking in spirit with you all. Hope good turnout support.

  7. I am hoping to be there and have passed the email to the church I am in. Praise the Lord for this March.

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